Unleashing the Author

For as long as I can remember I had an ambition to write and be published. Unfortunately life got in the way.

As I reflect now, I am unsure what I could have really offered the public when those ambitions first surfaced. As a teenager, I enjoyed writing short story fiction and short poetic pieces, many of which I had submitted to classroom assignments and school literary competitions. I found several of these pieces recently and the stories took me back to a time when I had no experience of the world. It is certainly interesting to see how your perspective changes throughout the years, and my writing style was certainly very different back then.writer-silhouette-copyright-chris-lecraw-istock_000000818351

I remember which authors I had followed through my late teen years, as well as the key influencers for my ideas and writing style at that time. My writing was flowery and at times superficial, but like every skill, it just needed some time. There were also times after my school years where I tried to put pen to paper. Ideas would emerge alongside a passion for a story that could be written. But work, social and general time pressures often meant that those many stories were started and left suspended part way through. Perhaps, back then, I did not have the commitment to this fine art or the maturity to push through the excuses.

Regardless, my love of writing and creating stories never really disappeared through the years. For most of my adult life it merely lay dormant, potentially just waiting for the right time and story to surface. That story was ‘Finding the Rainbow’, my personal memoir.

Nothing can really describe that feeling as I finished and submitted that manuscript, then having it accepted by a publisher and going through the process of editing, cover design and preparation for print. My lifelong ambition and dream had become a reality, and this intimate story was to be sold publicly all over the world.

Now, only a few months on, I am avidly blogging, working on new fiction projects and enjoying a resurge of creativity and passion. The encouragement and support have been tremendous, and remarkably, it is providing a catalyst for me to expand and explore this world further; giving me the confidence to push through those excuses. I find myself making time to write, exploring the stories inside me and I am truly excited to see where this takes me.

‘…A writer is by nature a dreamer – a conscious dreamer…’ – Carson McCullers

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