Writing – The Chaos and the Passion

I was completely shocked to receive a notification this week congratulating me on my achievement as one of the selected twenty writers to be featured in a new short story anthology, being released this year!

Unfinished Chapters Anthology will be released in October 2015!

About three months ago I entered this short story contest, mostly on a whim. It was only a month after Finding the Rainbow was published, and the adrenalin of being a newly published author was creating a buzz and passion in my writing ambitions. Never had I dreamed it would be one of the select few to be included in the finalist category and a published anthology!

Writing to me has always been a passion, a hobby even. However, in venturing into publicising my work, I am now finding it more a form of art and expression; something I am continually practicing, learning and pushing my limits to achieve the acclaimed response from my readers.Unfinished Chapters BIG

Reflecting on this particular contest I remember feeling enthused about the criteria and subject, but it also had a very tight word limit. I questioned my ability to fit the story, content and plot into these criteria. It was a personal story, and I desperately wanted it to reveal the essence of my turmoil at a time in my childhood that I will always reminisce about. After several edits, I was pleased with my submission, and I held my breath as sent the final product to the panel of judges.   I am so ecstatic that this story will now be heard and read by many people all over the world.

In some ways I find writing a form of chaos. I have ideas, thoughts and a myriad of stories flying about in my head, and there are times that I just cannot find a way to capture them. I am sure many writers feel exactly the same. I catch myself at the early hours of the morning trying to find ways to remember the narrative that feels with every ounce of my emotion. Or worse, in peak hour traffic, when you have no tools to hold that creativity; capturing it like the wild beast that it is.

Nonetheless, it is all so very exciting, and as I unleash myself onto this art, I feel myself inspired and encouraged to keep pushing myself further, hoping to find the best writer possible inside of me!

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