Am I a Writer?

As I currently reflect on the past twelve months I look at the journey that has taken me towards writing. Had you asked me this time last year, I would never have guessed that I would have a published book, two active online blogs, two further book projects and other writing genres that I’m actively engaging in. I seriously would never have believed you!am i a writer

My life took some twists and turns over the past few years that led me to my first book, Finding the Rainbow, becoming published. This was my personal memoir through trying to conceive and recurrent miscarriage. It certainly is not what I had expected my first novel to focus on, but it was my story at that time, and I quickly became passionate about making it heard.

I recall the excitement of the publisher’s response to my manuscript, the long arduous task of editing and re-editing, cover designing and then that amazing moment when I received the first paperback copy in the mail; my book, written by me, available all over the world. Nothing can describe that feeling.

What it also did, which I had never expected, was spark a newfound passion inside me. It was my catalyst to unleash my creative side, and now I am truly involved in various projects and I have a multitude of ideas that I want to capture now. There is only one problem, time!

I still have my full time professional career, which I do enjoy, and it clearly provides the financial support to help me get my writing off the ground. So, writing often takes the second seat at the table, where I can fit it in, which is either after work, weekends or between other engagements. It is a balancing act, and at times it feels like I’m about to topple. But I enjoy the challenge and the thrill of seeing my work out there for all to read. I love the responses I get when people engage with my stories, and it drives me to want to write more and connect more with others like me. I know that this passion is now alive inside of me, and I am not holding it back.

Hence I ask myself the question; is this just a hobby, a part time interest, or is this something I really want to pursue; developing this passion into something even more.

I am a writer!

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