The ‘Business’ of Writing

Many a writer, like me, could easily think that getting a book published would quickly result in a flurry of sales and a heightened interest in my fresh new profile as an author.

I was certainly naïve.

Being a writer is an art of passion, and for me a release of creativity and ideas that bottle up inside my head, waiting to be developed into a story. Yet, my ambition was to develop my writing into something that could be made public; a story that would be read, known and talked about. Therefore, I need to build a following.

This is not a simple task.

What I found is that there is an entrepreneurial side to writing that many new authors underestimate. I certainly did! I quickly needed to put myself out there; and that was a frightening thought. The ‘what ifs’ start to arise as my work was released into the wide open world, and I tentatively waited for that first bout of feedback on my story, my writing, and its public appeal.

Confidence is key . . .

It is about finding the right audience, targeting your work aptly and listening to your readers. Criticism is expected, and broad shoulders are necessary for survival; any business owner should expect that.

Being an author is like owning your own business.

Your writing is your pride and joy, something you have worked on for a great length of time, and most likely put your heart and soul into every typed page. Suddenly, you are at the hands of your consumer, and the control feels like it is slipping away.

So take back the control! business-writing

Connect and grow your network, push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and use your creativity to build visibility for your work in different ways. Develop your author brand! Get comfortable with social media, and join online and community groups to broaden your reach. Anyone who starts a business will say that their first year is the toughest, but the rewards are fruitful when the hard work pays off.

Hence, I am reinventing myself as an entrepreneurial author and I’m embracing the business of writing!


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