#HASHTAG confused?

If you, like me, feel dumbfounded by the amount of different social media channels that exist, let alone how to navigate them, do not panic.  As a new author I had to get myself out there and into the world of Twitter and other social media channels.  It was all about getting visibility to my work and building a following; but where do you start?

Until recently I had been oblivious to the world of twitter, and to be frank, I’m still no expert. What I have learned however, is that I need to learn more!

As an independent author, I am reliant on building my profile, my audience, and reaching my target market. No one else is going to do it for me.

Do your research!

I have to be honest, I was a little random at first on twitter; I did not really know how to navigate it, or what I was doing. I got frustrated when my following didn’t increase immediately, and it all just seemed so unfathomable. So what did I do? I watched and learned. I looked up authors like me, in my genre, and I read their profiles. Also, I scoured Google on using twitter and found a myriad of helpful blogs and resources to guide me through this new and daunting world.Hashtags

The amazing thing about twitter is that it moves so fast, and you need to keep up with it.

Find your sponsors . . .

To build a profile on twitter, you need retweets. Getting your message out there, and keeping out there, is the name of the game. So why would someone want to retweet me? Well, that was the key question to start with. But, in finding connections, often like-minded tweeters, I found their contributions impactful, and before long, I was retweeting, and gaining the sponsorship for my own tweets. What I learned was that in the world of twitter, you get what you give …

It’s in the hashtag . . .

The hashtag has become a social media phenomenon. If you don’t know what it is, or how to use it, it means nothing. But, how do you know what hashtag to use, and when? Well, after much trial and error, I’m finally getting it.

First rule; find the connection. Know what other tweets your audience enjoys, and use the hashtags that connect these tweets.

Second rule; don’t over hashtag! Imagine a tweet that is only one sentence but several hashtags. It loses the momentum, and in a world were tweets are a dime a dozen, it will just be overlooked.

Third, be consistent. Every time someone searches on hashtag, the tweets that have used that hashtag are listed. Hopefully yours will be one of the highlighted or most popular tweets on that list. So the key is to make sure, that you connect the right hashtag to your tweet, to gain visibility and that all-important retweet.

The key to twitter is to be tweeted, retweeted and then quoted. The likelihood of your message filtering out across the world of social media is really depended on that small window of 140 characters. If you are not impactful or memorable, your audience will just scroll right by.

So even more reason to get it right!

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