Who would have expected . . .

Where did this year go? We are officially less than three months away from Christmas and when I look back at the year, I can honestly say that I could never have predicted any of it. In so many ways it has been unexpected, surprising and I feel like only now I can look back in wonder . . .

Becoming an author2015-2016-370x229

I started this year filled with excitement about publishing my first book. It is funny how life turns out. I had been trying for a baby for so long, that my regular journal entries turned into a memoir of my fertility challenges. Had we conceived and had a baby, I know that my life would be very different. There are no two options considered equal here, but I’m grateful that one course led to another in many respects. I am truly grateful to have found a way to release myself and my experiences through written connection with others.


Now I blog, every week, and whilst at times it is a challenge to think up new blog ideas, I am enjoying it. I love writing, and this is such a brilliant way to share thoughts, opinions and experiences with a myriad of readers all over the world. Just over twelve months ago, this world of blogging was completely foreign to me. I have met through various writing communities a wonderful group of connections who are helping to further develop my talent.

Self Publishing

It is the assumption of many new authors that you must find a publisher who will sponsor your work. In today’s world, self-made business and consultancies are becoming much more popular, and as such, so are the opportunities for people to get their writing heard via new forums. Self-publishing is becoming much more respected, and for the hard work and low royalties available through writing, it provides more control and ownership over the full publication process. My second book was a self-published trial of sorts, and I am already patting myself on the back for this decision.

What next?

In this unpredictable and quickly moving world of technology, I am open to learning new ways of reaching my intended audience. I’m channelling my creative side, and invoking a new passion inside of me.

So truly, I am excited about what comes next!  This is only the beginning . . .

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