Why Indie?

I will openly admit that I was a victim of only reading mainstream bestselling authors; that was until I published my own book.

I am proud to call myself an Indie (independent) Author! However, this industry can be tough and sometimes unrewarding. Whilst it is incredibly fulfilling to see the blood, sweat and tears that you have poured into your book, finally reach a point where you can release it for full public release, there is also a realism that once you do, you are at the mercy of the public.feature-image_5_reasons-every-independent-author-should-have-a-website

In this incredibly competitive world of writing, there are many books out there that have the backing of big name publishers, with large advertising budgets and contacts with all types of media. So how do you survive that world if you are on a miniscule budget and limited connections? You get creative!

That is why the Indie Author is the one to watch; even more so, the one to read!

  1. They are no expert . . . The Indie Author has written their book all by themselves, with no ‘ghost writer’ and often no content editor. They have piled all their emotions, passion and effort into that one piece of work. Often their family members are their critics, and where they do have a budget it is a limited one for editing purposes. So what you read is what you get, and it is good!
  1. They are grateful . . . Many Indie Authors have used their own social media channels, other author contacts and their local friends and family to help spread the word about their book. When you pick up their book, and read and review it, you have made their day (sometimes their week)! This industry is no get-rich-quick scheme, but every time someone purchases a book that is listed, it is noticed, and it provides encouragement and incentive to write more.
  1. They support each other . . . It is not about competition in the Indie Author world, it is about support and peer encouragement. Personally I have found great friendship in the connections I have made in the very few months I have been connecting with other authors.  The advice, guidance, help and encouragement I have received has been phenomenal.
  1. They are passionate . . . Each of us comes from different spheres of the world and we are all different individuals writing very different genres. Yet, we all have one big thing in common, our love of writing.

Many an indie author knows that this is more an art of passion, than an opportunity to build wealth, and we write because we love to tell stories.

If you haven’t read an indie author, you should, as you might just find your next favourite book in the myriad of great stories that exist out there! Take a look and surprise yourself…


6 thoughts on “Why Indie?

    • HI Carolyn – connect with me on Facebook, I’m part of many indie author groups…. and hopefully we can help you 🙂

  1. Terrific post! Sometimes it feels overwhelming to be indie when you’re on your own for nearly every part of the self-publishing process. Connecting with other authors has been the best way to feel like I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing this.

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