The Gift of Giving

Well Christmas is just days away, and I’m sure many of you have been madly shopping for gifts, getting your plans for a roast turkey (or other glorious feasts) in check.

This is truly my favourite time of the year, it always has been, and always will. I love surrounding myself with family and friends, enjoying the festive celebrations, the joy of the day itself and all the magic it brings.

For me, it is the best way of rounding up a year and preparing for the next one, truly a time for celebrating the past twelve months, and finding the goodness and pleasure in what the season brings.

This year has been an amazing year, full of new surprises and ventures. But I would not have been where I am except for the support I have received from many family and friends. This year I published my first book, and then three more… releasing something from inside of me that had been bottled up or hidden away for years.

Alongside that, I have had the opportunity to meet an amazing and eclectic group of writers who are placed all over the world, but that community has been my strength, wisdom and sometimes sense of reason in this new world of writing, publishing and promotion. I have learned so much about myself and I have made great friendships on this journey!collage

Those amazing people (in no particular order) are:

Grant Leishman – with two great fiction novels released this year, Grant has been a strong support, a good sounding board and a wonderful, comical character you must get to know!

Diana Febry – who introduced me to a great group of people via FaceBook and continues to find opportunities to help other indie authors!

Colin Griffiths – a spectacular imagination, king or the paranormal, and always a great supporter and comrade!

Christoph Fischer – a highly talented author who selflessly helps and supports other new authors, and will go very far with his honest and heartfelt writing!

Michael H Kelly – with frightful stories and a wicked sense of humour, I look forward to his next novel, which is already sending chills down my spine!

SJ Higgins – left me literally hanging with her first book, and has been a guiding force for the publication of my first Children’s book.

Sherrie Lowe – with beautiful, spiritual stories, she has published two memoirs, and several works of fiction.  Sherrie helped me with my first decision to self publish and is always available to support and advise!

If you have not read one of the books from the authors above, I urge you to do so!

Of course I could list many more. This community of friends and allies continue to surprise me, and I thank you all, and wish you a happy Christmas and an exciting New Year!

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  1. Aw thanks Rachel. To mirror your comments I was equally overwhelmed by the warmth and support when I first stumbled into the wonderful community of Indie writers. Funny enough Christoph was one of the first to take me under his rather generous wing! If only I had more hours I would love to do more.

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