Living to Write

What makes you want to write? Is it a lifelong ambition or is it an interest you have found later in life?

Writing has always been a passion of mine, however only recently in my late thirties did I realise my dream by publishing my first book.  I am not sure what I had expected of having a book published but I certainly did not fathom the complexity of this vocation.  Whilst I did not have specific ideals of becoming rich and famous, I realise now how the rewards of writing and publishing are less tangible than most expect.

You only get what you givegirl jumping

Signing on the dotted line or clicking the ‘publish’ button does not generate your sales.  As an author you need to find opportunities to reach your audience and you need to pursue those opportunities with passion and rigour.  Sitting on your heels and waiting for sales or reviews will hardly get your book noticed.

It is not about the money

When you think about the time, effort and commitment it takes to write a book, then edit, proofread and creatively getting it ready for sale, the royalty returns would require you to sell thousands of copies before it is truly a profitable exercise. So why do so many authors write book after book with only handfuls of sales?  Simply put, it is for the love of the written word!

Making that connection

The most amazing and memorable moments I have experienced as an author, are those where somebody out there who you have never met before, contacts you directly with commentary about your writing. Whether it is a book, a character or a blog post, it makes you feel that all the effort, thought and passion you have thrown into your work is absolutely worth it.  Those are the moments that remind me why I live to write.

My story, Finding the Rainbow, is on Amazon now in Kindle and Paperback.

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