Being a Memoir Writer

From a young age I knew I would become an author, but I had never thought of myself as a memoir writer. Expressing my own personal thoughts, feelings and experiences and then sharing it with the world was never a path I had foreseen myself following; yet it is the path that helped me start my published writing career.Kindle Eye of the Storm

Now, when others ask me what it was that made me write my own story, I respond with one word: passion. It is sometimes hard for me to fathom that others would have wanted to read a story solely about me, let alone purchase it. Yet, they did. My memoir, shares the pain and frustration that so many other women have sadly had experienced. Writing about my own journey was in many ways cathartic; it tells the story of my own journey, one that women and couples may relate to; either through themselves or someone they know.

A memoir touches on a particular subject or experience, allowing those who don’t understand to appreciate, and those who have experienced, to connect.

Perhaps we all have a story in us, and perhaps there is a memoir in everyone. What I have learned in writing my own story is that I had to completely open up my world; be true to myself; be unafraid of my own convictions; and ignore those who dare to comment or criticise.

It’s all part of the writing adventure. Having now written and published two memoirs, I have discovered much more about myself and my ability to face set backs in life. Through the voice and connection of my readers, writing my own story has provided me with inspiration and courage to continue sharing my story, and perhaps there is yet another memoir to follow.

Read my latest memoir – EYE OF THE STORM

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2 thoughts on “Being a Memoir Writer

  1. Awesome Rachel! What an amazing feeling it must be to not only finally realize your true gifting, but also to be able to learn so much through it and share your experiences with the world. ?

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