What Are You Waiting For?

It is strange to believe that just twelve months ago my first book was published. Now I have several to my name, available to readers all over the world.

Naturally, people ask me, where do I get my ideas from, and how have I been able to get so many books on the market.

The honest truth is that many of those stories were already written, from years of aspiring to become a published writer. All I really needed was a push – that first step, putting myself out there, and letting the public have their say. That I believe is the most frightening concept for a new author – the public. Sometimes reviews and consumer opinion can be harsh and critical. Yet, I have learned however to rise above the critiques, looking for ways to grow and develop my style from the feedback I receive and finding new ways to explore my writing further.artimagination-11

Now that I have published several books, I am inspired to write more. At night sometimes I lay awake, thinking up stories, and then hoping they stay fresh in my mind for the next day, when I can quickly jot down those thoughts, and hopefully build them into something readable. I have so many stories I want to write, I just don’t have the time to do it. But really, there is no rush!

I asked a few other independent authors where they found their inspiration from, and how they developed their stories into published works.

Dianne Wolfendon, author of Behind Blue Eyes, says that she finds her inspiration from real life and events, adapting them drastically so that they won’t be recognised.

Michael H Kelly, author of Mother Earth, has a notebook full of ‘what ifs’ and phrases, and he waits to see which ones gain momentum.

Colin Griffiths, author of Never Say Goodbye, will often see a picture, visioning that into a cover and then a story.

So what does this say? Really we are all different and we all have a story in us somewhere. It’s just finding your own way of opening up that inspiration, and then letting it free into the big wide world.

What are you waiting for?


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