A New Age of Reading

Recently I’ve discovered audible books and it’s a new world for me as a reader. However, when I told someone that I was into audible books their response was that it was the lazy way to read books…. but is it really?

As a child I had books read to me by my parents and grandparents and I vividly remember getting absorbed into the stories as they would change their tone and use funny voices to bring me into a different world with lots of fantastic characters.

Well, with audible books you have the narrator doing almost the same thing. With inflection, tone and different character voices, you are quickly engaged into a book while you are driving, on your train journey to work, or even laying by the pool on holidays. Suddenly you can access a whole new world of books on your phone or iPad. Just plug in your earphones and the rest of the world disappears for a short space in time.

So what’s so lazy about that? Okay, so you don’t have the joys of flipping page after page, and you can’t collect your audible books for display on your beloved bookshelf. However, for me, nowadays, it’s about convenience. I love books and I love reading. As a new mum however, sitting down with my kindle or paperback is a long lost memory with a four month old. Yet, with my audible books I can switch them on during the night feed or even on our car journeys, and I’m not missing out on discovering new books.

For me it is a win, win, and as more and more books are being converted to audible I’m able to broaden my reading collection even further. I’d still pick up a paperback, if and when I have time… but for the moment I’m still indulging in my passion for books, and I’m thankful for that.

3 thoughts on “A New Age of Reading

  1. Great piece R – We have a tendency (us luddites) to stick our heads in the sand and forget that the new generation views things from a different perspective. Audio books are today’s opportunity to reach the new generation and perhaps Holo Books will be the generation after.
    I just wish Amazon didn’t make it so damn difficult to do anything if you are not living in the good ‘ole US of A or now Great Britain. Someone needs to explain to them that there is a whole other world out there,
    I want to do Audio Books too and will find a way somehow, although I’m not sure I will enjoy listening to them. I am very much a visual person as opposed to being aural.

  2. I completely agree with you, Grant, about Amazon. As an audio book narrator/producer living in Germany, I have been incredibly frustrated when trying to work with authors who live outside the US & UK.
    However, I just found this site which may be of interest to those in this situation:
    I shall use it myself for the 2 books I’ve written that I wish to release as audio versions – and sell on Audible, iTunes etc. – which could only heretofore have been produced through ACX (Amazon’s audio book platform).

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