The Possibilities are Limitless

Some may say I’ve had writer’s block for the past several months. However, I say that I have been on a pause with my writing. Returning to work following maternity leave, and having a toddler (now just 12 months old) my life already takes a lot of my energy, and I find that my inspiration is lacking at the end of the day when things do quieten down.

However, as I read the newspapers and watch the daily news, I’m saddened by many of the events happening around our world. As I watch death, destruction and hardship across these communities and families, I feel helpless to the plight of these victims of war and terrorism.  That is when my inspiration for Limitless came to light.

I may not have the political or social power to support these communities, but I can make a difference; we can all make a difference. Through love, hope and tolerance, the possibilities are LIMITLESS. That is the tagline of the project I started earlier this year: an anthology of short stories and poems that would be written by myself and other passionate writers; collated together into one publication, and made available on eBook and paperback worldwide. The commitment was that all profits would be donated to a charity that supports victims of war.  But which one?

I wanted to ensure that we could choose a charity that really makes a difference. One with a strong reputation, and who would of course be willing to partner with us on this project of passion.

AMAR is an award-winning charity that works in the Middle East, in areas of conflict and instability, and focusing on rebuilding the lives of victims of war.  This year the AMAR foundation celebrates its 25th year anniversary, so what better reason to choose such an amazing charitable organisation.

Over the past few months we received a wonderful selection of entries from writers and poets who were also passionate about being part of this anthology. Stories about love, hope and tolerance, both fiction and non-fiction. The process of shortlisting the stories and prose was difficult, but we are now very pleased to have the final list of talented authors who will be a part of Limitless.

Limitless is now available on eBook for pre-order with its official release date as 31 October 2017. It will be available on paperback as well.  I truly believe there is something in this anthology for everyone, and for the small price of an eBook or paperback, you can make a difference too!

Purchase Limitless on Amazon here.

Make a direct donation to the AMAR foundation here.

4 thoughts on “The Possibilities are Limitless

  1. Personally, I question where the hell you find the time to do anything creative R, but you do. A woman’s mind is so much better organised than this man’s.
    Having just completed the first editing pass of LIMITLESS, I can confirm the stories and poems in this Anthology are truly magnificent and inspirational. I’m so proud to be associated with this and hope that AMAR gets some great rewards from this project to continue its sterling work with those in the most need on this beautiful planet of ours. All power to you Rachel! A brilliant concept and a wonderful gesture.

  2. And thanks to you too Grant for your partnership on this amazing project! Really glad we kept moving forward with this – and I can’t wait to get my copy in print!!

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