Getting Perspective

No, I haven’t gone into hiding, and no I’m not working on an amazing new book project. I’m just taking some time to get some perspective.

Since 2015 I have published fifteen books!  Three memoirs, eight children’s books (some of which I had written many years before), three anthologies and a paranormal thriller I co-wrote with two other independent authors. Not a bad effort given I also hold a full-time career outside of my writing and I’ve become a first-time mum over the past twelve months. It’s been a little crazy but that’s what I love about my life – it’s literally non-stop.

So now I want to get some time to really look at what I’ve published, and focus on ways to ensure that these stories widen their readership.

So far, I’ve enjoyed hearing the feedback from my readers, I enjoy the following I’ve had across the different genres, and rather than flooding the market with more Rachel McGrath stories, I look forward to seeing where else my existing stories can go.

I’ve thoroughly loved this journey so far as a new author, exploring my writing and spreading my wings into self-publishing.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, met some incredibly talented authors, and I’ve even published two projects which are purely charitable projects, with any royalties being donated.  For me, being an author is not just an avenue to make money, it’s an opportunity to connect with readers, and personally it’s been an intense self-discovery journey.  

As I reflect and look at where I want to take my writing, I remind myself that I have time. There is no hurry to get my next ‘book’ out there. In fact, as I seek perspective on my path as an author, I find myself wondering what type of author I want myself to be. What genre? What audience? How far do I really want to take this?  How much am I willing to invest in this? Both in money and time?

If I truly want to become a serious author, I need to put more of myself into my writing than ever before. I need to become fully invested in my work and my readers. It needs to be more than just a hobby, it needs to be a part of me.

I’ve observed those authors who have experienced great success with their works – their bestselling status, awards and readership. I can see what they put in, and I know that they don’t let themselves down by taking short cuts.  Their reward is their continuous flow of new readers discovering their books. These talented and dedicated authors are my inspiration to pursue my writing path again in the future.

Nonetheless, for now I will take my time, gain perspective, and focus on what I have achieved so far. This journey will continue, as the stories continue to build inside my imagination. Where they will end up is still to be decided…

1 thought on “Getting Perspective

  1. Ah, you and me both, R. Gaining perspective is important. I used to think getting the work out there and selling it and becoming a “successful” author was what it was all about. OLDER and a little bit wiser now I understand this is about people and making connections. I am proud to say I never even bother checking my sales anymore – it’s not important and it’s not why I do what I do. That being said, it’s definitely time to finish my latest novel. I’ll aim for a March publication date. You are doing it all and you should be immensely proud of what you’ve achieved – Top Author, Top Mum, Top Worker, To Wife and Top Cyber Buddy. Keep it up. 🙂

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