Dark Side of Chemistry, by S J Higgins


I was completely hooked into this book from the first chapter.  Now I am desperately awaiting its sequel.Dark side

The author’s tone and the way she crafts the characters in this suspense, romance thriller keep you engaged through every page.  I particularly enjoyed the mix of a sinister plot, with a romance love triangle that has you hedging your bets on which way the story will go.  I read this within twenty-four hours as I literally could not put the book down, and I wanted the story to keep going as I became further entwined into the drama and suspense that was forming.

I do warn you that it ends with an absolute and heart-stopping cliff hanger, which makes you want to quickly snap up the sequel and keep going.  The entire book was very cleverly written – and its one I would highly recommend to anyone who likes suspense, romance thrillers.
I cannot wait to see the next installment from this author!

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