Never Say Goodbye, Colin Griffiths

I really had not realised the extent and volume of independent authorship until I recently published my own book. Through Facebook groups and connections online I have met a myriad of talented writers who are all aspiring to release themselves through their creativity. For me, personally, it has been an enriching journey, as I’ve been fortunate to discover and read an array of genres I may never picked up in a book store.Never say goodbye CG_
Never Say Goodbye by Colin Griffiths, is one such novel that I was delighted to discover.
The author is certainly a gifted and creative story-teller, and this story takes you on a fantastical ride as the story deepens and you quickly get hooked into its plot. Starting in Blackpool, England, with a fortune-teller and what at first seems a young couple in love, this book gives you plenty of surprises as the chapters unfold. The story gives you a fast paced, supernatural thriller, full of intrigue, twists and inciting revelations until the final climax ending.
I was pleased to see that the author has published a sequel to this great story, as it ends leaving you wanting more!
Never Say Goodbye is Available on AMAZON now on Kindle and Paperback & follow Colin on Twitter at @Collin131158


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