The Second Coming, by Grant Leishman

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this first book by Grant Leishman.  The story and writing are creative, imaginative and completely off the wall.  There is a strong and powerful underlying tone about humanity and how we potentially need to stop and think about where we are going as a human race, and why we have been placed on this earth.secondcoming

The author has creatively crafted a story of old and modernised it in a way that make it appealing to anyone to read. The writing style is engaging and never complex. I was glued to this book and found it incredibly difficult to put down. Cover to cover I enjoyed every moment of this fantastical tale!

The characters are endearing, I fell in love with JC and Ma (the modern-day Jesus and Mary Magdalene) and his unconventional group of disciples…. I must admit that before I read this I really wondered how the author would make this concept, story and even its location in the Philipines works wonderfully as a backdrop.  Honestly the entire story came together brilliantly! I’ve already recommended this read to someone else and passed on my paperback copy.

This was a truly inspiring and enjoyable read!

Available on Amazon or visit Grant’s website

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