Guardian of Secrets, by Jana Petken

I thoroughly enjoy reading historical fiction stories; the interlinking of a dramatic story alongside key events in history has always appealed to me as one of my favourite reading genres.

Guardian of Secrets by Jana Petken certainly fulfilled this promise and more.  You can certainly see how this novel has earned its well deserved five-star rating!Guardian of Secrets

Starting in the early 1900s and then through the Spanish Civil war in the 1930s, this heartfelt story takes you on the journey with a young married woman living in England, who quickly realises she married with her heart, not her head. Her new husband is abusive, callous, and psychotic. At the brink of losing everything, she flees to Spain, where she finds freedom, true love and her future.

Amidst the atrocities of civil war, violence and unrest, Celia and her family find themselves entangled in this bloody and unnecessary war. The family fears it will tear apart, but blood ties become stronger than any political or class based conflict.

The author brings you deep into this story, through each of the characters lives, interweaving into each of their stories.

If you are going to pick up a historical fiction, this is certainly the book to read!

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