Inconceivable, by Tegan Wren

Inconceivable was an absolutely wonderful and engaging read, and I’m so pleased I was able to read a copy prior to its release.INCONCEIVABLE Cover

At first it could be misinterpreted as a ‘royal romance’ novel, as at the start of the book, young Hatty, a journalist intern randomly meets Prince John at a karaoke bar. Don’t laugh this has happened in real life, check out the Danish royal couple and their beginnings! Following this a lovely romance ensues as Hatty is literally swept of her feet and within no time she is whisked down the aisle by her handsome prince.

The author then cleverly develops this story into a question of royal obligation versus Mother Nature. As heir to the throne, Prince John must provide a son or daughter, but what happens when your princess cannot conceive and carry a child. The struggle with media interference, royal heritage and family pressure becomes the very first test in this young couple’s marriage; testing the bounds of their love and their strength of their relationship to survive, particularly as it is thrown directly under public scrutiny.

The story has a lovely message behind it, and it highlights that Mother Nature does not discriminate between the privileged or the everyday. The writing style is engaging and heart-warming and Hatty becomes you or me, as we feel every ounce of her excitement through to disappointment.

The author aptly describes the frustration, hurt, jealousy and feelings of ineptitude that comes with this very sensitive issue, with the overarching question – will love conquer all?

I am truly excited to see more by this debut author!

Inconceivable is now available for pre release purchase via AMAZON and GOODREADS

You can also visit Tegan’s Website where she is actively blogging.


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