Little Big Boy, by Max Power

Every so often you read a book that will truly stay with you, and for me that was Little Big Boy, by Max Power.

Beautifully written and honest, I was quickly drawn into this little boy’s world, told through his eyes and his experiences growing up in 1970s Dublin. As a reader I felt his innocence, the tenderness for his younger sister and the special love he shares with his mother as her ‘baby boy’!

There were certainly moments where I had a lump in my throat and parts of this story were difficult to read. The story breaks your heart with the knowledge that this little boy’s story has real truth based on the life and times of growing up in such a meagre existence within this era. You become entwined in the honesty, innocence, bravery and courage; at times I held my breath his experiences with abuse and bullying as I was taken through some of the brutal parts of his boyhood, something you hope a boy in this day and age should never have to face.Little big boy2_

Nonetheless, within this harrowing tale there is always hope and optimism in the innocence of this young boy and triumph prevails as he quickly learns to protect himself against the terrors both inside his own household and in the school yard.

The overarching love for his mother is particularly heart-warming, and I carried continued hope for a better future and more positive outlook on his life. I wholeheartedly recommend this intense, compassionate and memorable read.

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