Muse and Desire, by K French

MuseI have debated for a while as to whether I should write two separate reviews for these great books by author K French. Whilst they are linked, and one follows the other, they are on their own, two distinctly great young adult, romance novels which come together wonderfully.

Muse is a story of innocence, loss and finding yourself through tragedy. Ava is not yet an adult when she tragically loses her mother, and she is ultimately forced to deal with grief, a new family and a different world. Through the story she finds love unexpectedly and that pure innocence of a first real love, as well as her courage determination, and sometimes bold character bring you into this story wholeheartedly. This is a pure romance and I loved every moment of it.

Desire, follows from Muse; taking you on the next step of Ava’s adulthood. It raises that obvious question of true love, soul mates, and can that first love really prevail. The author gives you an interesting love triangle as the story develops and truly becomes more than the standard romance novel. What you believed you knew from the first novel (Muse) can all change!Desire

I thoroughly enjoyed both books and I truly look forward to more by this author.

You can purchase MUSE or DESIRE on Amazon now.

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