My Perfect Imperfections, by Jalpa Williby

My Perfect Imperfections was a stunning novel; I honestly could not put it down. It is not a long book, took me less than a few hours to read, but the story truly stays with you for much longer, leaving a lump in your throat.

Lily is a twin, born with cerebral palsy, a condition I had limited knowledge of prior to reading this book. The story is a deep insight into her life, growing up with a disability, overcoming the adversity of learning to communicate, move and find her place; her anxieties around friendships, boys, school, family and most importantly her independence. She is stubborn at times, wilful and ambitious, and very quickly I endeared to Lily’s character.My perfect imperfections

There are some truly shocking and sad moments in this book, and it literally brought me to tears several times. I rarely cry with books, but I was sniffing my way through this heart-warming tale. Despite some of the challenges, setbacks and sometimes heartbreak, Lilly carries strength and hope, and in many parts of this story she carries those around her.

This is an incredibly inspiring story, and one that I highly recommend to anyone, even if to give a different perspective and respect for people living with disability.

Please do read this book – available on Amazon.


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