Trafficking, by Bill Ward

It has been a while since my last book recommendation. I do read a lot, but I am aiming to save these posts for books that really leave me thinking, or those that have struck a slightly different chord within my literary aperture.

My kindle is always full, but Trafficking, a novel by independent author, Bill Ward was recommended to me and in the waiting lounge of an airport I started reading. I cannot even remember the flight attendant’s safety briefing and I declined dinner and a drink, as I was completely glued to this book from start to end.

It starts with the story of young Afina, a girl from Bucharest seeking a new start in England. She is given false hopes of a guaranteed hospitality job in London, and naively leaves home, travelling to meet an unknown contact, all expenses paid. The reality of her situation strikes as she is transported to Brighton, told the job does not exist and that she must repay the debt of her airfare in sexual favours.trafficking

This story is brutally told, and opens the reader up to the reality of the sex slave industry, which is still sadly prevalent in society today. Afina’s character is courageous and determined to escape but she quickly learns that her captors work with brutality and outside of the law. A chance opportunity with a saviour who is hell bent on seeking his own retribution against this group for the loss of his  daughter is Afina’s only hope.

This underworld of non-consenting prostitution is mind-blowing and Bill Ward is a crafty storyteller whose characters keep you engaged through each page turn.

A definite must read!


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