A Drop in the Ocean, by Grant Leishman

I love it when you discover a book that completely draws you in emotionally, connecting you with the characters and leaving you thinking and reflecting on your own life.  A Drop in the Ocean is a new release by Grant Leishman, and is best described as a dramatic love story which certainly does not follow the normal romance genre. Leishman, certainly demonstrates his versatility as an author through this heartfelt story.A Drop in the Ocean

Nick and Teresa randomly met as teenagers through a school pen pal scheme. Over the years they formed a friendship and a connection even though they were oceans apart. Through circumstance they lose contact, and as life moves on we are taken along their separate paths through marriage and children. The author carries you through their lives as they separately deal with their own troubles, setbacks and decisions. As a reader you want to jump through the pages and at times shake both of the characters to set them back on the right path, and back to each other. But life is not that easy, and Leishman’s tale does not hold back.

It is a story of the ‘should haves’ and ‘would haves’ that often in life we torment ourselves about. Human nature makes mistakes, and sometimes unfortunately, we land ourselves into deep water through pure consequence or error in judgment. At the end of it all, we bounce back, and learn.

I truly enjoyed this story, as it intertwines two people’s lives, oceans apart, sending a strong message that there is always hope for redemption, love and happiness. It’s a story that will certainly bring tears to your eyes!

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