Earth Mother, by Michael H Kelly

One of the vital signs of a good author is that they can quickly assimilate you to any genre. Whilst we all have our preferences, what I have found lately is that despite this, the talent and style of the author is what really matters.41oG+b6k4KL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

I am discovering many new genres and authors through the myriad of independently authored novels that are now available through online retailers. Therefore, I am committing the posts on my Books to Read page to those writers you may not necessarily come across in your high street bookstore.

Michael Kelly is one of those authors; and what I love about his writing is that it quickly pulls you in, and holds you tight from cover to cover. There is no escape once you start!

Having read several of this author’s books, which are mostly in the fantasy or horror genre, I must say, Earth Mother is a particular stand out. I confess that I do enjoy a good horror story, and this book does not disappoint, going beyond your normal scream fest and into a world of possession, occults, madness, death and supernatural occurrences.

The lead character, Colin McGrath (no relation), discovers an old abandoned cottage, and ignoring any local superstitions and incidental warnings, he invests his efforts into bringing the cottage back to life; and that he surely does.

This is the edge of your seat, spine-chilling horror, which keeps you turning the pages whilst holding your breath. Mixed in to keep the reader hooked is the humane story of a broken relationship, human nature and sexual desire. What more could a reader ask for?

This is truly a mesmerising read and one that I will certainly recommend.

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