Dark Secrets, by Josephine Harwood

I was very fortunate to meet author, Josephine Harwood, through our combined contributions on a recently published anthology of short stories, Unfinished Chapters.

Through that connection I discovered Dark Secrets, a romance suspense drama that hooked me in completely.

Based in Starview Texas, the budding romance between Angela and Rick seems doomed from the start, as past secrets, new threats and insecurities keep getting in the way. I thoroughly enjoyed the way this author created each of her characters. As a reader you think you know them, understand their motives, but craftily, as the story develops, so do they and your first impressions are altered drastically.51eyuQmpADL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

The setting is distinct, and you feel the heat of the Texan sun, the atmosphere of the clubs and lifestyle, making you feel you are actually there with the characters throughout the story.

The story is written with depth and feeling, with the right mix of romance, alongside the pain of emotional, physical and thrilling drama that keeps the right pace, for the reader to be enveloped into ‘what is going to happen next’. What you think you know at the beginning of the book all changes through each chapter, building a page-turning suspension, all the way to an ultimate climax ending.

A highly recommended read, and a great author to follow!

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