Sam’s Song, by Hannah Howe

The first book in the Sam Smith Mystery Series, Sam’s Song is a wonderful sleuth mystery.  Hannah Howe has struck gold with this brilliant female detective as the heroine and lead character.Sams song

What I truly enjoyed about this story is that it was more than your standard thriller, mystery book with a twist.  The character of Sam develops cleverly throughout the story, with her vulnerabilities, her emotional relationships and her history being revealed throughout.  As a reader you are given just enough information to engage you to her character, but keeping a little bit of mystery to make you want to grab the next book in this exhilarating series.

The story itself has a vintage feel, like the sleuth style mysteries you may have read several decades back. The tension of the story builds up nicely to a strong climax ending, keeping you turning each page until you reach the end. I am certainly looking forward to following Sam Smith in the next book of this series.

Hannah Howe has written several books in the Sam Smith Mystery Series, and I urge you start with Sam’s Song and keep going.

Visit Hannah’s Website for more information on the Sam Smith Mystery Series.

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