Sun, Sea and Secrets, by May J Panayi

This writing industry can be intensely competitive, sometimes a little rough, but it can also be incredibly supportive if you find the right connections. As a new author, I will never underestimate those who have supported and guided me through the realms of self-publishing, and the wonderful friendships I have built along the way.

The wonderful thing about being part of the independent author community is meeting so many different authors who can open your eyes to different reading genres and styles of writing.51GTeGdwxIL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_

One such author is May J Panayi who has now published over a dozen books in different genres. I’ve read several of her stories, and she offers her readers an eclectic and changeable style that is both endearing and engaging.

My particular favourite of all her books to date has been Sun, Sea and Secrets; this story is based in the beautiful Greek Islands with our heroine, Ella, who is on a quest to find her roots in this wonderful, picturesque setting. What is stunning about this book is the way the author intimately describes the atmosphere, the location and the scenery, making you feel that you are truly experiencing the Greek Islands for yourself. I felt I was actually there, tasting the cuisine and feeling the warm sun bathe my skin.

The story itself is delightfully compelling to read, following Ella’s journey as she discovers more about herself and her heritage, and as the secrets to her story are unravelled. Even more so, you feel this writer’s passion for the subject area and the setting in this pure down-to-earth read; it gives you a taste for her story-telling talent and guarantees that you will want to read more of her work.

You can purchase Sun, Sea and Secrets from Amazon, but be aware; you will soon be booking your flights to the Greek Islands!

Alternatively, check out May’s other books via her Amazon Profile.

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