Bring Out Your Inner Child – Starry Starry Night

As a child I remember collecting colouring books, and finding new ways to bring those pages to life with my pencils, crayons and coloured markers. Perhaps it was just child’s play, but it also inspired the creative side of me, gave me some time out to just focus on the page in front of me, and allowed me to bring to life the black and white outlined pictures on each page.

I have recently discovered colouring books for adults, and at first I wondered whether this would really take; but it has! Many are positioned as a wonderful way for adults to step away from the chaos of their daily lives, a safe way to unleash creativity, thought and perspective, and perhaps releasing our inner child a little.61AUh5ldRIL._SX385_BO1,204,203,200_

Starry Starry Night by Diane Burns is a wonderful collection of black and white pictures of stars waiting to be filled with colour and unique imagination. What I love about this concept is that anyone can get something out of it. Bringing this notion of colouring-in back into our adult lives allows us to re-enter a world of colour that perhaps as children we took for granted.

Diane Burns offers a variety of different objects all with intricate patterns that will ensure hours of entertainment. Whether it is a project you start and stop, or time spent until a page is completely coloured and complete, there is no pretence required, the outcome is individual, and there are no right or wrongs; it’s just about having a little bit of fun. The author makes a statement at the start ‘de-stress your life one amazing star at a time’ giving her audience permission to set themselves free. The addition of small quotes throughout is a gentle reminder of life, imagination and the beauty of appreciating things we may take for granted.  A highly recommended book for any adult to keep on their shelf for when they most need it; whether it is something used frequently or on rare occasions, I am positive this collection will be a useful resource for many.

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1 thought on “Bring Out Your Inner Child – Starry Starry Night

  1. Thank you, Rachel, for your lovely review. So glad you enjoyed STARRY, STARRY NIGHT one little star at a time!

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