Destination Freedom, the Lily Amis story.

I met Lily Amis via my author networks, and found a wonderful and passionate author who is keen to share her personal story as a war-refugee.

Destination Freedom, is volume one in a two part memoir (soon to be a trilogy) which this talented and passionate author self-published.

Lily Amis shares her pain, frustration, set-backs and determination in this dramatically honest memoir which is full of heart and soul.

The story takes you from Lily’s childhood in ASIAcity where she lives with her mother and ‘daddy’. The betrayal of her ‘daddy’, and her quest to leave a war-torn city to find the ultimate freedom in Europe. However, their dreams are short-lived, as they are quickly branded as refugees and face the bureaucracy and red tape in a new country. Mother and daughter show strength and resilience through much adversity, desperately trying to fit in with normal lives and earning an honest living. As a reader you can feel Lily’s frustration as child through to an adult as the small family face barrier after barrier, let down by a system that has too many rules (and then rules for rules), as well as a handful of people who also take advantage of a mother and her daughter who are just trying to live a ‘normal life’.

A great memoir! One I would highly recommend as this is a relevant and topical subject even now today.

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