The Healer, by Christoph Fischer

The Healer by Christoph Fischer, is a book that may hit home for many readers. What if there truly was someone out there who could cure terminal cancer?  More importantly, how would that impact our large scale pharmaceutical companies and their ‘scientific’ efforts to find ways to fight the disease?

This was a dramatic book, with great characters, and a well disguised twist. The story itself is also something that will resonate with many. Personally having had experience with cancer impacting my close family; the plot pulled at my heartstrings, making it much more plausible to read.Healer

Erica is dying, in her final stages of cancer. She has no cure, and despite chemotherapy and drugs, she is now just waiting out the end of her life. However, she decides to take a chance by visiting a renowned but retired ‘healer’ who has been reputed to have cured cancer completely. After finally convincing the recluse, Arpan, to come out of retirement, she is taken through a healing journey; one that is quite strenuous and emotional at times.

What Erica wasn’t prepared for was the backlash from a large scale pharmaceutical company, mixed with the secrets that Arpan is hiding and an overarching question… can he really heal Cancer for good? That’s where this story takes a real twist, all leading to a strong, dramatic ending.

This is another great Christoph Fischer novel, and one I’d highly recommend reading. What’s even better, is that Healer 2 is in its final stages!


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