Places and Times, by Arthur Turfa

Arthur Turfa has published a wonderful and inspiring collection of poetry in Places and Times.

As I read through the myriad of poems he has created for this anthology, I could almost imagine him bringing words to life in his head as he travelled the world, and took in the wonders of new places and surroundings. The author’s way with words is just beautiful as he describes streets, surroundings, people and different ways of life.51YWe+tZRCL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_

As someone who loves to travel to new and different places, Arthur Turfa captures the essence felt as you explore and discover new places, take in the atmosphere of different cultures and customs and feel the essence and magic of a different side of life. Some of the poems I found quite emotive, and in particular I was truly moved by Franconia; dedicated to a loved one who has passed tragically from Cancer, but at the same it is an uplifting piece that focuses on the wondrous memories and experiences shared.

This is a perfect traveller’s companion, or even for those who dare to dream. It is a collection you can pick up, read, and read again. I can imagine some of these poems being shared in letters and cards, and Arthur Turfa’s work being spread far and wide, and I look forward to more pieces in future collections.

You can purchase this collection on Paperback or Kindle at Amazon.

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