Super Speed Sam – Just in time for Xmas

As a children’s author myself, I’ve been fortunate to meet many other authors within the same genre, which allows me the opportunity to appreciate the imagination and talent that goes into writing for a younger audience. Monty J McClaine is no exception. His series, ‘Super Speed Sam’, is about a special basset hound named Sam who lives with the McClaine family.

As I’ve followed this series, I’ve been incredibly impressed by the author’s imagination, as well as the way he interweaves a lovely message for families into every story.004_CFWM_Kindle_US_UK5Star_

Come Fly With Me, is the fourth book in the Super Speed Sam series and author’s imagination really comes through in this fun, adventure fantasy where Molly (the young girl in the family) and Sam are both transformed into flies. As they both buzz around the house, trying to avoid being ‘swatted’, I can see parents and children both laughing and becoming quite excited by the story line in this story.

I also had the opportunity to read an early copy of Santa’s Rescue Dog which will be released shortly. Children will love this Christmas special about Super Speed Sam, especially as it tells of how Super Speed Sam came to get his special powers in the first place. The story is full of fun and fantastical drama, which will keep children wanting to read more. Parents and children alike will enjoy this adventure, as they seek to find out if Santa can get out of his ‘jam’, if the Reindeer will fall peril to a big grizzly bear, and what will happen to Christmas if Santa cannot deliver his presents…005_SRD_Kindle_US_UK_5Star

The Super Speed Sam series is a great bedtime read with children, or ideally placed towards middle school readers. Monty J McClaine has struck a winner with this fun, family themed series about a pet dog with superpowers!

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