An Incomplete Gentleman, by T.E. Hodden

T.E. Hodden has written a heartwarming contemporary romance story with ‘An Incomplete Gentleman. This is certainly an easy read, one that can be read in a few hours, which would suit the casual reader or those looking for a light-hearted and touching story.51f6autuxel

Not your traditional romance story, Ben is seemingly the underdog when it comes to relationships. Always the friend but never the lover; he’s a good guy. The characters in this story were well crafted, making the reader truly invest in them, and delivering a well-rounded story that isn’t just about the two main protagonists and their plight for love.

I found myself vying for Ben to get the girl, and the author cleverly keeps you hanging, always unsure of whether he will or he won’t. The ending itself had me almost in tears, with a gut wrenching turn of events that left me thinking about the book and looking to see if there was another in this series. I was pleased to see book number two (A Wintered Heart) available now.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone looking for an emotive, enjoyable and romantic read.

It is currently on Kindle for 99c – a bargain if you ask me!

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