Eye of the Storm – Best Self Published Books 2016 (Shortlisted)

As a new author it’s an amazing feeling to know that your book can reach anyone in the world. What is even more wonderful is being recognised for your writing and the quality of your books.

I wrote Eye of the Storm during an incredibly difficult time in my life, and when I decided to publish this short memoir, I was concerned if it was too raw and open to send out to the public. The thing about writing a memoir is that you put all of your heart and soul on the line, you are opening yourself up widely, and readers get to know more about you than sometimes your closest friends. Well that’s how I write my stories.Eye of the Storm

I found out this week, this short novella memoir has been shortlisted as one of five books in the Best Self Published Books 2016 with the winners announced this Saturday evening.

I’m joined by some great authors, including my good friend, Grant Leishman and his new thriller, The Photograph. I’m truly chuffed to be included in this group, and regardless of whether I take home the final prize, to be recognised as one of the shortlisted five is an achievement alone.

Eye of the Storm is available on paperback and kindle at AMAZON or for Australia/NZ readers in paperback on Wordery (with free delivery).

1 thought on “Eye of the Storm – Best Self Published Books 2016 (Shortlisted)

  1. Good luck in the awards on Saturday night R. Don’t forget if you beat me, you will have to put up with my crying. It’ll be worth it though!

    Eye of the Storm is a truly poignant memoir that genuinely touched me when I read it.

    Go R!

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