Getting Perspective

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn No, I haven’t gone into hiding, and no I’m not working on an amazing new book project. I’m just taking some time to get some perspective. Since 2015 I have published fifteen books!  Three memoirs, eight … Continue reading

Single Rider, by Skye Leah Collett

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Kenzie’s story is not your average romance read. In fact, if you’re looking for the young adult, romance, you are in the wrong section! Single Rider by new author Skye Leah Collett is a sassy, modern, … Continue reading

An Incomplete Gentleman, by T.E. Hodden

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn T.E. Hodden has written a heartwarming contemporary romance story with ‘An Incomplete Gentleman’. This is certainly an easy read, one that can be read in a few hours, which would suit the casual reader or those … Continue reading

The Many Hats of an Author…

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’ll admit that after submitting my first book for publication I was naïve. I thought you just had to be a good writer to be a successful author. Wrong! Being an author is not just putting … Continue reading

Places and Times, by Arthur Turfa

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Arthur Turfa has published a wonderful and inspiring collection of poetry in Places and Times. As I read through the myriad of poems he has created for this anthology, I could almost imagine him bringing words to life … Continue reading

Taking the Plunge to Publish

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As an author or writer, taking that first step to getting yourself published is certainly a big decision. I remember writing many pieces of work, but shelving them away, or thinking that if they weren’t accepted … Continue reading

Eye of the Storm – Best Self Published Books 2016 (Shortlisted)

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As a new author it’s an amazing feeling to know that your book can reach anyone in the world. What is even more wonderful is being recognised for your writing and the quality of your books. … Continue reading

The Healer, by Christoph Fischer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The Healer by Christoph Fischer, is a book that may hit home for many readers. What if there truly was someone out there who could cure terminal cancer?  More importantly, how would that impact our large … Continue reading

Bring Out Your Inner Child – Starry Starry Night

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As a child I remember collecting colouring books, and finding new ways to bring those pages to life with my pencils, crayons and coloured markers. Perhaps it was just child’s play, but it also inspired the … Continue reading