Why Indie?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I will openly admit that I was a victim of only reading mainstream bestselling authors; that was until I published my own book. I am proud to call myself an Indie (independent) Author! However, this industry … Continue reading

#HASHTAG confused?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn If you, like me, feel dumbfounded by the amount of different social media channels that exist, let alone how to navigate them, do not panic.  As a new author I had to get myself out there … Continue reading

The ‘Business’ of Writing

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Many a writer, like me, could easily think that getting a book published would quickly result in a flurry of sales and a heightened interest in my fresh new profile as an author. I was certainly … Continue reading

Reminiscing through Writing’s Past

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I recently traveled home to my hometown in Redcliffe, a small beach-side town north of Brisbane, Australia. Having now lived in the UK for eight years exactly (this week) I still miss the laid back and … Continue reading

Forever Friends

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Throughout the past two weeks, I have been back to my hometown, just north of Brisbane, in Redcliffe, Australia. Living in the United Kingdom, my visits home are sometimes over twelve months apart. Nevertheless, I always … Continue reading