Sun, Sea and Secrets, by May J Panayi

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This writing industry can be intensely competitive, sometimes a little rough, but it can also be incredibly supportive if you find the right connections. As a new author, I will never underestimate those who have supported … Continue reading

A Drop in the Ocean, by Grant Leishman

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I love it when you discover a book that completely draws you in emotionally, connecting you with the characters and leaving you thinking and reflecting on your own life.  A Drop in the Ocean is a … Continue reading

Why Indie?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I will openly admit that I was a victim of only reading mainstream bestselling authors; that was until I published my own book. I am proud to call myself an Indie (independent) Author! However, this industry … Continue reading

#HASHTAG confused?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn If you, like me, feel dumbfounded by the amount of different social media channels that exist, let alone how to navigate them, do not panic.  As a new author I had to get myself out there … Continue reading

Who would have expected . . .

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Where did this year go? We are officially less than three months away from Christmas and when I look back at the year, I can honestly say that I could never have predicted any of it. … Continue reading

Putting myself in the Lead

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Writing a memoir has been, in many ways, therapeutic; but it was also incredibly unnerving. Through my story, ‘Finding the Rainbow’, I literally made myself the lead character of my own book. I placed my entire … Continue reading

The ‘Business’ of Writing

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Many a writer, like me, could easily think that getting a book published would quickly result in a flurry of sales and a heightened interest in my fresh new profile as an author. I was certainly … Continue reading

All Hail the Indie Author

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When I first contemplated publishing my book, I immediately looked to work with an established publisher. Someone who could take my manuscript and wonderfully produce a book that would suddenly skyrocket with hundreds of book sales! … Continue reading