Taking the Plunge to Publish

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As an author or writer, taking that first step to getting yourself published is certainly a big decision. I remember writing many pieces of work, but shelving them away, or thinking that if they weren’t accepted … Continue reading

The Gift of Giving

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Well Christmas is just days away, and I’m sure many of you have been madly shopping for gifts, getting your plans for a roast turkey (or other glorious feasts) in check. This is truly my favourite … Continue reading

Who would have expected . . .

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Where did this year go? We are officially less than three months away from Christmas and when I look back at the year, I can honestly say that I could never have predicted any of it. … Continue reading

Putting myself in the Lead

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Writing a memoir has been, in many ways, therapeutic; but it was also incredibly unnerving. Through my story, ‘Finding the Rainbow’, I literally made myself the lead character of my own book. I placed my entire … Continue reading

All Hail the Indie Author

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When I first contemplated publishing my book, I immediately looked to work with an established publisher. Someone who could take my manuscript and wonderfully produce a book that would suddenly skyrocket with hundreds of book sales! … Continue reading

My Perfect Imperfections, by Jalpa Williby

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn My Perfect Imperfections was a stunning novel; I honestly could not put it down. It is not a long book, took me less than a few hours to read, but the story truly stays with you for … Continue reading

Writing – The Chaos and the Passion

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I was completely shocked to receive a notification this week congratulating me on my achievement as one of the selected twenty writers to be featured in a new short story anthology, being released this year! Unfinished … Continue reading