Single Rider, by Skye Leah Collett

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Kenzie’s story is not your average romance read. In fact, if you’re looking for the young adult, romance, you are in the wrong section! Single Rider by new author Skye Leah Collett is a sassy, modern, … Continue reading

Super Speed Sam – Just in time for Xmas

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As a children’s author myself, I’ve been fortunate to meet many other authors within the same genre, which allows me the opportunity to appreciate the imagination and talent that goes into writing for a younger audience. … Continue reading

The Healer, by Christoph Fischer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The Healer by Christoph Fischer, is a book that may hit home for many readers. What if there truly was someone out there who could cure terminal cancer?  More importantly, how would that impact our large … Continue reading

Trying Something Different

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Over the past few months I have been working on an exciting new writing project, and I am so excited about the end result. Tortured Minds is a new book that is the compilation of three … Continue reading

Sun, Sea and Secrets, by May J Panayi

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This writing industry can be intensely competitive, sometimes a little rough, but it can also be incredibly supportive if you find the right connections. As a new author, I will never underestimate those who have supported … Continue reading

Ludwika, by Christoph Fischer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Christoph Fischer is one of the most talented and gifted writers I have come across. Many of his books could almost certainly pass for non-fiction with their realistic portrayal of characters, well researched plots and more … Continue reading

The Gift of Giving

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Well Christmas is just days away, and I’m sure many of you have been madly shopping for gifts, getting your plans for a roast turkey (or other glorious feasts) in check. This is truly my favourite … Continue reading

Dark Secrets, by Josephine Harwood

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I was very fortunate to meet author, Josephine Harwood, through our combined contributions on a recently published anthology of short stories, Unfinished Chapters. Through that connection I discovered Dark Secrets, a romance suspense drama that hooked … Continue reading

A Drop in the Ocean, by Grant Leishman

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I love it when you discover a book that completely draws you in emotionally, connecting you with the characters and leaving you thinking and reflecting on your own life.  A Drop in the Ocean is a … Continue reading