Ludwika, by Christoph Fischer

Christoph Fischer is one of the most talented and gifted writers I have come across. Many of his books could almost certainly pass for non-fiction with their realistic portrayal of characters, well researched plots and more so, the way he … Continue reading

To Live Out Loud, by Paulette Mahurin

Emile Zola born in the late 1800s wrote a public letter, J’accuse, which caused a height of controversy and risked his entire career, published on the front page of the Paris Daily. Zola’s passion for to fight for the injustice … Continue reading

Guardian of Secrets, by Jana Petken

I thoroughly enjoy reading historical fiction stories; the interlinking of a dramatic story alongside key events in history has always appealed to me as one of my favourite reading genres. Guardian of Secrets by Jana Petken certainly fulfilled this promise … Continue reading