Places and Times, by Arthur Turfa

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Arthur Turfa has published a wonderful and inspiring collection of poetry in Places and Times. As I read through the myriad of poems he has created for this anthology, I could almost imagine him bringing words to life … Continue reading

Bring Out Your Inner Child – Starry Starry Night

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As a child I remember collecting colouring books, and finding new ways to bring those pages to life with my pencils, crayons and coloured markers. Perhaps it was just child’s play, but it also inspired the … Continue reading

Sun, Sea and Secrets, by May J Panayi

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This writing industry can be intensely competitive, sometimes a little rough, but it can also be incredibly supportive if you find the right connections. As a new author, I will never underestimate those who have supported … Continue reading

The Gift of Giving

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Well Christmas is just days away, and I’m sure many of you have been madly shopping for gifts, getting your plans for a roast turkey (or other glorious feasts) in check. This is truly my favourite … Continue reading

Dark Secrets, by Josephine Harwood

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I was very fortunate to meet author, Josephine Harwood, through our combined contributions on a recently published anthology of short stories, Unfinished Chapters. Through that connection I discovered Dark Secrets, a romance suspense drama that hooked … Continue reading

A Drop in the Ocean, by Grant Leishman

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I love it when you discover a book that completely draws you in emotionally, connecting you with the characters and leaving you thinking and reflecting on your own life.  A Drop in the Ocean is a … Continue reading

To Live Out Loud, by Paulette Mahurin

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Emile Zola born in the late 1800s wrote a public letter, J’accuse, which caused a height of controversy and risked his entire career, published on the front page of the Paris Daily. Zola’s passion for to … Continue reading

Guardian of Secrets, by Jana Petken

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I thoroughly enjoy reading historical fiction stories; the interlinking of a dramatic story alongside key events in history has always appealed to me as one of my favourite reading genres. Guardian of Secrets by Jana Petken … Continue reading