An Incomplete Gentleman, by T.E. Hodden

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn T.E. Hodden has written a heartwarming contemporary romance story with ‘An Incomplete Gentleman’. This is certainly an easy read, one that can be read in a few hours, which would suit the casual reader or those … Continue reading

Dark Secrets, by Josephine Harwood

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I was very fortunate to meet author, Josephine Harwood, through our combined contributions on a recently published anthology of short stories, Unfinished Chapters. Through that connection I discovered Dark Secrets, a romance suspense drama that hooked … Continue reading

Muse and Desire, by K French

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I have debated for a while as to whether I should write two separate reviews for these great books by author K French. Whilst they are linked, and one follows the other, they are on their own, … Continue reading