Getting Perspective

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn No, I haven’t gone into hiding, and no I’m not working on an amazing new book project. I’m just taking some time to get some perspective. Since 2015 I have published fifteen books!  Three memoirs, eight … Continue reading

An Incomplete Gentleman, by T.E. Hodden

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn T.E. Hodden has written a heartwarming contemporary romance story with ‘An Incomplete Gentleman’. This is certainly an easy read, one that can be read in a few hours, which would suit the casual reader or those … Continue reading

The Many Hats of an Author…

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’ll admit that after submitting my first book for publication I was naïve. I thought you just had to be a good writer to be a successful author. Wrong! Being an author is not just putting … Continue reading

Taking the Plunge to Publish

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As an author or writer, taking that first step to getting yourself published is certainly a big decision. I remember writing many pieces of work, but shelving them away, or thinking that if they weren’t accepted … Continue reading

Ooh Matron, by Sarah Jane Butfield

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I am now proud to call myself an official reviewer Readers’ Favorite. New and existing authors should take a look at the Readers’ Favorite page – the fastest growing book review and awards contest site on the Internet! As … Continue reading

Trying Something Different

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Over the past few months I have been working on an exciting new writing project, and I am so excited about the end result. Tortured Minds is a new book that is the compilation of three … Continue reading

Being a Memoir Writer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn From a young age I knew I would become an author, but I had never thought of myself as a memoir writer. Expressing my own personal thoughts, feelings and experiences and then sharing it with the … Continue reading