Dark and Twisty – A Twisted Anthology

DARK AND TWISTY promises a collection of short, captivating, sometimes quirky short stories with a dark, emotive edge and an intriguing twist.

This is a collection of writings that I have developed over many years past.  All of these, until now have been hidden away from the public eye.

NowKindle cover Dark and Twisty its time to let them be read, heard and hopefully remembered.

Dedicated to my father, Casey and my Great Aunt Olive who are both battling with Cancer, this is a piece of work I am publishing, but all profits will be donated to the Worldwide Cancer Research charity.

You can also provide your own direct donations here.

On paperback and kindle AMAZON or Fishpond Australia and NZ (Free Delivery) or Wordery.com in Australia.


Review by Hilary Hawkes – Reader’s Favourite

“Rachel McGrath is a good short story teller and her collection makes delightful light reading. I love the brilliant endings in each one. The author builds tension and apprehension at the start of the stories, leaving the reader in expectation of a traumatic conclusion. The stories are then cleverly twisted around into alternative and equally satisfying conclusions. This makes each story in the Dark & Twisty collection wonderfully unpredictable.”

“Dark and Twisty – An Anthology of Short Stories” by Rachel McGrath