The Willow and Coco Children’s Series

‘The Wonderful World of Willow’ brings a child into the adventures of a domestic cat Wonderful World of Willowcalled Willow in a delightful and entertaining way. Willow is enjoys a lifestyle full of sunshine, chasing birds, climbing trees and enjoying the comforts of her home. This is Willow’s story, and the first book in the Willow and Coco Children’s series aimed at young children aged two to four years of age. Filled with colourful illustrations, with short prose, children will enjoy seeing the world through the eyes of Willow the wonderful cat.

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‘Coco the Crazy Pup’ is the story of a young puppy who has just joined his new family Coco ACX cover
where he meets Willow the Cat. Coco is a puppy dog and he is only eight weeks old. But Coco certainly gets up to a lot of mischief.

Children will love Coco’s crazy adventures and his cheekiness, whilst helping with early reading.

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‘Willow’s Walk in the Woods’ takes children on more of Willow’s adventures as she Willow's Walk eBook
takes a walk through the woods, meeting many new and different animals. Children will enjoy learning about native animals whilst enjoying the colourful illustrations.

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‘Willow and Coco meet Santa Claus’ is a fun and festive treat for children. Willow and Coco are excited about Christmas and they plan to stay up Willow Coco Santa KINDLE SMand wait for Santa Claus. However, whilst they wait, they get up to some mischief… Will Santa still leave them presents in their stocking?

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“The Willow and Coco Childen’s Series” by Rachel McGrath