Unfinished Chapters

I am incredibly excited and privileged to be chosen as one of twenty authors’ short stories featuring in Unfinished Chapters Anthology.

This collection of real short stories from a diverse range of authors is now available on AMAZON.Unfinished Chapters BIG

Whether it’s through neglect, distance, misunderstandings or simply divergent interests, who among us hasn’t experienced relationships that either fell through the cracks with the passage of time or never had a chance to fully develop from the outset?

Through the wistful perspective of a rear-view mirror, it’s about all those names we run across in old address books, the brief encounters on air planes that seem to hint at a future friendship, or the casual flips through high school yearbooks that cause us to wonder if our classmates voted “Most Likely To…” ever actually did.


“Unfinished Chapters” – by Rachel McGrath